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I love to Laugh,
I find utmost contentment in caring for the needs of others,
& I Enjoy offering my one cent to those who value it.

Meet Aneta

A God Chaser: My Fuel and Drive for Life.

I try to walk the Love Walk every day and I put myself under due pressure TO DO the word.

A Wife.

Queen and Best friend of 12 years, Lover and Partner of 10 years to Elisha Oladejo

A Mother to two Greats.

Best Job in the World!

A Homemaker : 10 Hours of Family Time.

Includes Cooking, Early Morning Devotion, School runs, homework, washing, cleaning the home, playing with the children, praying with them, teaching them, shouting out corrections at the top of my lungs – mostly over their playful screams, calling their names a million times in the bid to stop a fight, a rough play, a potential injury situation and general correction and all the many other things that come with being accountable for 2 young kids.

A Listening Ear.

Your friend with a steady supply of empathy and tough love.

A Serial Entrepreneur:​

Started Freelancing 2014. Won at it.
Started Internet Marketing 2016. Still Winning at it.
Started Blogging and Hesed Organics in 2018. Going Great.
Co-owner of Qarah and SiteHomes.
Started Youtube 2020.

and I'm just Aneta.

My Routine on Most Days:

I wake up from a 5-7 hours long RESTFUL sleep.

Depending on the day’s activities, I straightaway engage in 1 hour Kingdom Centered Prayers or I move it to some other convenient time during the day. I immediately get into the kitchen to make breakfast, prep for lunch and dinner at the same time. This is just to make the rest of my day go without any more heavy cooking to be done.

After which I get to work for 7 hours at least. In that time, I blog, Vlog, research, strategize and take care of everything concerning my passion and our businesses.

I also spend 2 hours of the day consciously dreaming, thinking, researching new interests, planning, re-strategizing and soliloquizing (plenty). This is quite funny coz my husband catches me midstream most times.

Staying physically around me, it’s not unusual to hear the loud laughs from funny thoughts in my head, to see me excited by the great thoughts/plans of the future that gets me writing and writing and (sometimes) building castles in the air. I may also in private, tongue lash the infuriating Jane Doe I encountered in the course of the day but in reality, I played it cool or “let it go”. (There are times in the course of this “verbal unleashing” that my husband walked in on me and I literally acted like I was praying or singing). Lol.
My son once saw me in one of those demonstrations and asked with so much curiosity in his eyes: “Mummy, are you okay?” which I embarrassingly turned into a playful “Run, I’m coming to get you.’

My home and my working space round the clock has a word or worship session playing in the background. I’m a firm believer in creating an atmosphere around me that allows for easy connectivity with God.

I’m a christian. I believe in Jesus and at least an evening every week for a couple of hours, I can be found in church.

The weekends are also work days for me although there are times when I choose to just laze around – very seldom though-.

I find every season of my life to be adventurous and exciting (for the most part), so stick with me and read the posts on here, follow me on all social media platforms, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Let’s experience the growth and adventure that can be found in Christ. Don’t forget to also subscribe to this blog.


Are you seeking balance in your life?

So am I.

Have you ever dreamt of serving God wholeheartedly without guilt and condemnation?

So have I.

Or do you perhaps sometimes have mixed feelings about life, eternity and why things are not going as smooth as you think they should be?

Cos I get occasional fears too.

Are you passionate about seeking ways to serve God, build a godly family, balance your life and kids, and achieve all that you have been destined to do?

I am so 100% buried in this.

I love writing and making videos about life and what makes it work. 

I love telling my own story and showcasing other people’s successes and testimonies to help you see that it can be done.

Stick with me as it will be a most profitable ride to learn and grow together.

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I believe insufficient income to cater for pressing needs and constantly being broke is a sickness on its own.

So, one of the core reasons for this blog is to help you become a better person in general. The parent that your children need, the support system that your family need, the wife that your husband need, the entrepreneur that you want to be and the servant that God wants you to be.

Would you like a productive and balanced life?

So do I.

Hmmm, Can I actually do all this or Is this one of those positive affirmative teaching we see and hear everywhere that have little to no effect?

Yes, you can because I have gotten a great degree of success from working on godly and timely wisdom and I do plan on reaching higher levels.

I can help you build an enviable life and make great passive income to touch lives like you want.

The best part, you can start today if you’ll let me walk you through it.

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and most importantly, let’s be friends.

Thanks for sticking with the long read and for the interest to get to know me better.

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Aneta Elisha-Oladejo