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Is Christian blogging profitable? 

Do Christian blogs make money? 

Many people would instead blog in niches other than the Christian faith because they think this niche doesn’t offer much. Generally, blogging is very profitable, and Christian website owners who have built successful Christian blogs were not lucky. 

They understand what it takes and decide to do the work required to build a successful blog. Many Christian blogs make money blogging—some as much as six figures monthly.

In the featured blog post below, I have outlined everything required for you to build, grow and scale your Christian blog into a money blog that can pay you full time and allow you the freedom you desire to focus on other essential things in life.

The Bible says in 1 Cor 9:14 that they preach the gospel (which is what you do with your own Christian blog) should live off the gospel. To live off preaching the gospel through your own blogging platform, you have to know and implement how to make that happen.

There is no shame in setting yourself up to make money with your Christian blog.

I want to teach you systems that ensure that you are able to minister powerfully through your blog and at the same time financially change your life. 

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