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You need to do better for yourself, your God, your family, your career, your business, humanity, tomorrow, today, posterity.

Stop Wasting Your Life! How To Be Happy in Life

Lesson - 3 April 2020

5 Ways To Keep God's Blessings on Your Life

Lesson - 07 April 2020

Handling Toxic Sibling Rivalry - How To Deal With Toxic Sibling Rivalry.

Lesson - 09 April 2020

How To Train Your Children in positive Communication - Essentials For Parenting (Part 1)

Lesson - 10 April 2020

4 Ways To Ensure You Live A Long Life

Lesson - 13 April 2020

Can I Be Rich and Be A Good Christian?

Lesson - 20 April 2020

10 Things To Do When Teaching Your Young Children To Pray Effectively

Lesson - 21 April 2020

How To Be Saved & Be 100% Sure Of Going To Heaven

Lesson - 11 May 2020

How To Be Rapture Ready - Jesus Is Coming Soon!

Lesson - 07 May 2020


Having had a lot of questions myself as a growing girl who is very centered on the THINGS OF GOD, one of the greatest blessings I had were available mentors to alley my fears and help me see things more clearer in the light of God’s word.

I figured that there are a lot of growing girls at different stages in life who might need these kinds of questions answered as well, hence I started this channel in April 2020.

I hope you find it extremely helpful as my biggest prayer and wish you for is to find all the right answers to the bugging questions of you life that will lead you in the PATH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE.

I hope you enjoy every bit of content on here and I can’t wait to see you every time I upload.

You can see my About Page to know more about me.

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Keep Winning,

Aneta Elisha-Oladejo

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