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Need Life Purpose Discovery Coaching?

Then Let's Work Together
Let Me Guide You to Craft Your Life Purpose Statement, Take Appropriate Action and Fulfil Destiny in Grand Style.

Having a Life Purpose Statement is Key To Exponential Growth and Well Rounded Success in Life.

I Work With Clients To Discover Their Life Purpose & Identify With Their God-Given Call So They Can Start Living Life ON PURPOSE and Do What They Were Put On Earth To Do.

I Guide Them To:

  • Create a Life Compass For Keeping them On Track.
  • Create a Personal Blueprint or Strategic Life Plan That Acts As a Guide To Help Them Stay On Track And Fulfil Destiny.
  • Create Smart Action Plans For Realistic Delivery and Execution

Let Me Guess...

All You Want Is To Live a purposeful life that reflects your life's mission and true values.

Unlock The Keys To Getting In Touch With Your True Vocation & Calling In Just 3 Steps!


Start With A Clarity Call

The Clarity Call is a complimentary 30-minute assessment Skype session and its the first step in our potential coaching relationship. It is a chance to see if I am the right fit for you as a coach. It does not require you to commit to any services. It’s simply a chance to discuss your goals at-large.


Choose a Coaching Plan That Fits You

After a satisfactory assessment call and an agreed decision to coach and be coached, choose a plan that fits you and start getting the desired clarity and mind transformation needed for a fulfillment and greater success.



You Have To take action on the things learnt. You are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your life. Every man is only as good as what he does with what he knows.


Before Coaching

After Coaching

Feels Like You’re Just  Going Through The Motions And Getting Nowhere?

Chart Your Course Toward Making a Difference And Fulfilling Your Call Without Doubt or Second Guessing

Spend Day After Day Working In A Job That Drains or Stresses You Knowing That There Is More To Life Than That But You Don’t Know What It Is

Eliminate the Stress that Came With Indecision and Satisfied The Itch of Knowing What You Are Supposed To Be Doing.

Want To Feel Your Life Counts For Something.

Know What To Do When Faced With Major Decisions. Can Easily Say No To Things That Don’t Line Up With Your Life Purpose

One of the most amazing things I learnt from my time with Aneta, that stuck with me was that knowing WHAT I was supposed to be doing and WHY, is easier to keep me going when times are tough or when I encounter opposition or criticism. It has proven TO BE SO true. The Coaching Was Worth Every Penny Spent. I am happier and more eager to take on life and it has positively affected on every other area of my life.
Helen S.
Coaching With Aneta is Definitely The best Decision I Made This Year. I Needed and Came For A Life Purpose Discovery Session. I Got Above And Beyond That. The Fact That This Woman Backs Everything She Says With Scriptures From God's Word Was Just That Important To Me. She did not Only Coach Me But Also Prayed With Me. My Business Took A New Turn. I am Making Way Higher Than I was Making Prior as We Also Did A Purpose Discovery Session For My Business As Well. I am So Happy, I could Write Forever.
Tim J.

Coaching Packages

There Are Two Aspects To Personal Coaching With Me


3 Months life Mastery session

This programme is a deep-dive into EFFECTIVELY LIVING the answer to the fundamental questions of your life, “Who am I and what did God create me into this life to achieve?”

This programme is the most significant investment and commitment you will possibly ever make. My Job is to walk every step of the way with you, keeping you accountable and cheering you on as I AM HERE TO COACH YOU.

Ideal for people who have already achieved a great deal in their lives, mastered creating success in a conventional sense, but are now craving much deeper satisfaction and fulfilment.

Those who are perhaps now awakening to a deeper purpose – one which will leave a greater legacy. An Inspiring purpose that has the potential to change many many lives.

This programme will change the mindsets that put you on the path of fear and also a repetitive path of mistakes, stress, unhappiness and unfulfilment.

Clients who have completed this programme testify of having a greater purpose, greater freedom and the joy and fulfilment that come from living an extraordinary life of meaning and significance.

My most effective methods of teaching are showing you timeless wisdom from the BIBLE that will help you stay true to your purpose, to empower you with an unflinching commitment that will enable you express your most fulfilled self.

I am your ally on this profoundly personal journey into key answers to being the You That God Intended. I will support you fearlessly on this journey.

The 3-month Consulting Package includes:

  • 18 x 45-minute one-on-one Zoom calls with me, recorded for you to re-watch anytime (3 per month + 1 week for implementation each month)
  • One 2-hour kick-off intensive to create some serious strategy that gets you big results (Worth $997)
  • Access to my online resources, templates, and programs including:
  • The Business Purpose Discovery Academy (worth $5,997)
  • The Purpose Accelerator Membership x 3 months (worth $249 per month)
  • Access To All My eBooks, Journals and Printables. (Worth $1,760)
  • 10% off all purchases in the Truth Merch Store
  • Accountability check-ins that ensure you move forward while feeling supported
  • Full access to me via FaceBook Messenger and Skype For In-between calls for when you feel stuck, confused, or ready to celebrate.



Instead of $10,248, Get 50% Discount and Pay ONLY


Or Pay 3 Installments of $1,899 while the resources are also Drip-fed as you pay.

(The Personal Coaching roster is limited and available on a first-come first serve basis)

Beyond investing money, you will invest your time, your focus and your courage. The most important element that you bring is your personality, desire and commitment.



Discover Your Unique Purpose for Living, Synergize your talents and Create the Blueprint for Fulfilment With This One Time Purpose Discovery & Action Strategy Session.

This is the ideal first step for us to start working together.

This Session Guarantees:

  • The knowledge of a deep sense of who you are, who you were created to be and what you were put on earth to do.
  • A renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life.

I have repeatedly delivered this dynamic 120minutes discovery and strategy session and the outcome surprises me and the client equally every single time.

Clients arrive feeling a level of dissatisfaction or suffering from a lack of clarity or direction. As a result of the deep coaching process, they leave the session with complete clarity on their unique purpose with a personal Mission Statement, they can use as a compass in their lives.

The process for the first part is very dynamic and engaging as we explore your values, talk about your individual talents and unique gifts and intellect. Then, as we move through the process, the clarity emerges.

We investigate the correlations between many aspects of your personality and your deep-seated desires. These coalesce into a perfectly clear sense of purpose.

The impact of the purpose discovery & Action Strategy is immediate. You immediately step out of doubt and worry into a well-defined vision for life. You are instantly able to start making clear informed decisions in your life.

Before this session begins, you will submit an intake form and all requested material. This will allow me to have an in-depth review and get acquainted with your talents, gifts and where you presently are in life prior to the call. This will allow us maximize the Session adequately.

At the end of this session, we will embed all of the insights and co-design a blueprint of how you can create a life which is a true reflection of this purpose and follow a life-path of meaning and significance, on your terms and without compromise.

The Purpose discovery & Action Strategy Session will equip you to understand what God made you for and what He put you on earth to do.

The Purpose Discovery & Action Strategy session Includes:

  • A 120-Minute Coaching Session hosted over Zoom with me
  • Coaching session recording (for you to re-watch anytime)
  • Detailed Notes from the call for you to go over.
  • A 10-minute Follow-Up Call which we will schedule at the end of the first session.
  • An intake questionnaire workbook to help you evaluate your talents, motivation and passion.



Save $500 and Get it Today For as Low as


(Only 5 Spots Available Per Month)

Not Sure Which Of The Session Is For You?

Start Actually LIVING...

This Is Perfect For You If:

  •  You Would Like A Personal Life Purpose Road Map So You:

– Know what to do when faced with major decisions.

– Can easily say no to things that don’t line up with your life purpose.

  • You’d Want A Personal Map You Can Use To:

– Satisfy the itch to find what you’re supposed to be doing

– Eliminate the stress of indecision

– And chart your course toward making a difference and fulfilling your call, without doubt or second guessing or being made to feel selfish or silly!

  • You Feel like you’re just going through the motions and getting nowhere.
  • You Spend day after day working in a job that drains or stresses you.
  • You Hope there’s more to life than this but you don’t know what it is.
  • You Want to feel like your life counts for something

You've Got 2 Options

DIY Route: Continue in the endless circle of stress and frustration from a deep sense of unfulfillment and discontentment in life while wasting precious time with the aim of just waiting it out till it finally comes together, which sometimes, Never Does.

Get Guidance and An Amazing Support: Allow yourself to be coa ched and guided to SEE what is already there but can’t see or you are unsure of. You can Start Living Today and Stop Merely Existing.

I am Aneta Elisha-Oladejo: Executive & Life Purpose Discovery Coach!

I Doubted Myself So Much Many Times, I Did Just About Anything To Just Get Along IN spite Of The Feeling of Dissatisfaction and Inner Frustration That I Felt. And Barely Survived. But I Did Not Settle.

I Had To Search, Pray, Learn and I Also Invested In Working With Top Life Purpose Discovery Experts.

When I Discovered My LIFE PURPOSE, I Actually BEGAN LIVING. 

These Days, I’m Living Out My Mission to Make The World a More Fulfilled Place By Helping Individuals Discover The Purpose For Their Lives and Guiding Organizations To Discover a Shared Purpose That Brings Longevity and Success To Both Their Team and The Organization As A Whole.

Want To Start Your Journey Into Fulfilment, Impact and Results That Outlasts You Into Posterity?

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